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Nelson Mandela University Mobile Application:

A mobile application for guests, registered students as well as Nelson Mandela University staff members.

Privacy and Confidentiality of Individuals

  • Although Nelson Mandela University respects users’ privacy, Nelson Mandela University reserves the right to access and monitor any user’s email, data and programs for appropriate management purposes, such as:
    • making backups;
    • maintenance of system integrity;
    • for compelling security reasons;
    • ensuring that communication services are not used in conflict with this policy or for unlawful purposes;
    • conducting investigations relating to alleged misconduct.
  • With due regard to the South African Constitution and the Regulation of Interception of Communication and Provision of Communication-related Information Act 70 of 2002 and the Information Manual (as required by the Access to Information Act of 2000 available from, every User, when the person registers as a student, commences a visit or starts employment, is deemed to have given his or her consent that the ICT Services department and management of the institution may without prior warning:
    • Intercept, monitor, block, delete, read and act upon any incoming or outgoing e-mail message addressed to or originating from the User;
    • Intercept, monitor, read and act upon the User’s Internet browsing habits, including the User’s history files, web sites visited, files downloaded and stored by the User; and
    • Intercept, monitor, block, delete, read and act upon any file, in whatever format, stored by a User on any computer or other facilities of the institution.
  • Personal information regarding staff or students may not be published on either the Internet or Intranet web sites without the express permission of the person concerned, except official information such as examination results.